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How to Fix a Flat Tire

Equipment Series Articles: Bike Fit Basics ] Bike Types & Features ] Cold & Wet Weather Gear ] [ How to Fix a Flat Tire ] How to Glue on a Tubular Tire ] Optimal Crankarm Length ] Pedals ] Riding Accessories ] Tools of the Trade ] Travel with Your Bike ]

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How to Fix a Flat Tire (Introduction)

Many bicycles sit unused in American garages because owners are daunted by the task of either fixing the flat or taking the bike to a bike store for repair.

It is true that beginners can spend up to an hour trying to fix a flat. And it is true that sometimes they are not successful even after all that effort.

With the information in these instructions and practice, most people should be able to fix a flat in under 10 minutes. Practice at home when you are not in a hurry-you'll feel more confident if you get a flat on the road.

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