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Max Aerobic Power Testing

Evaluation Series Articles: Fitness Testing ] Keep a Climbing Log ] [ Max Aerobic Power Testing ] Nutrition Quiz ] Training & Fitness Standards for Excellence ] Stress Questionnaire ] Training Log Basic ] Wind Tunnel Testing ]

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Max Aerobic Power Testing (Introduction)

Maximum aerobic power is tested by a progressive, incremental increase in workload—a ramped protocols.

For an overview article on cycling fitness tests, see Fitness Testing, available through

When, Where, and How

It’s best to perform fitness testing under the following conditions:

●   Healthy: Injury- and illness-free

●   Rested: Generally 48 hours since last hard or long workout; hydrated, glycogen repleted

●   Warmed-up: Generally at least 15 minutes, sometimes as much as 90 minutes

●   Motivated: Eager for a performance test, relatively low level of outside stressors

●   Controlled conditions:

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