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Standards for Excellence

Bicycle Training Series Articles: Fitness Testing ] Keep a Climbing Log ] Max Aerobic Power Testing ] Nutrition Quiz ] [ Training & Fitness Standards for Excellence ] Stress Questionnaire ] Training Log Basic ] Wind Tunnel Testing ]

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Training & Fitness Standards for Excellence (Introduction)

How much time does a top-level Category 3 rider spend on the bike a year?

How many feet of climbing a year does it take a woman to make the National Road Team?

What is the VO
2 max of a great 55 year old Masters male?

What is the climbing rate--how many feet of climbing an hour--must a 40-year-old woman climb to have a good chance to podium at Nationals?

How long will it take a Cat 4 rider to sprint 200 meters in order to have a good chance of placing in a local criterium?

These standards, developed through the experience of many coaches and studies, are important goals and benchmarks for many racers.

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