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Sponsorship Proposal

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Sponsorship Proposal. (Introduction)


“A sponsor likes a top finisher, but a top finisher with an attitude doesn’t go as far as a midpacker with an awesome attitude.”

Jake Orness


Before Sending a Proposal

●   Decide what you want, what is reasonable, and importantly, what you will give in return.

●   Levels or support for athletes are:
   “Pro deals”—product at wholesale or less
   Free product
   Entry fees
   Travel expenses
   Performance bonuses

●   Research to find out if the team, company, or group to which you are applying has the resources to help you in the way you want.

●   Call ahead

●   Send your proposal to a person, not the company per se, not “sponsorship department.”

●   Send it to the right person.

●   If you have been able to meet and chat with the right people during the course of the year, even better.

●   Ask yourself: Are you willing to do what you are about to propose if you are having a bad day?

●   Be on your best behavior at races and events. Temper tantrums and unsporting behavior will get you noticed for the wrong reasons.

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