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Traumatic Bicycling Injuries

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Traumatic Injuries Study Report eArticle. PDF file.

Traumatic Bicycle Injuries in a Masters Club

Results from the San Diego Cyclo-Vets

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Members of the Cyclo-Vets bicycle club, a San Diego based masters group were surveyed about their experience and opinions concerning traumatic bicycle injuries.

The club is one of the best established and most successful racing clubs in the United States. Riders are of varied fitness and skill levels. Many have joined as non-racers, trained within the club, and have become National Champions. About half of its members race; about 10% of its members race more than 15 races per year.

Key Points

 Response rate was 95%.

 The survey is based on 81 respondents.

 72% of riders sustained at least one disabling injury, for a total of 1.8 disabling injuries per rider.

 The disabling injury rate was 1 per 57,600 miles ridden.

 The average rider has missed 17.1 days of work due to bicycling injuries.

 There were 1.4 broken helmets per person.

 At least 34% of riders sustained a concussion. Only one rider was not wearing a helmet at the time of injury.

 There were more than 2.5 incidents per rider requiring physician consultation, including more than 1.2 broken bones per rider.

 Road rash, or abrasions, occurred approximately 5.7 times per rider studied.

 Motor vehicle accidents accounted for 37% of road riding injuries.

 The serious injury rate for mountain biking was roughly twice that of road riding.

 35% of riders feel that they have had a life-threatening injury.

 There have been three bicycling-related deaths in the club since it was formed in 1983.


Traumatic Injuries Study Final Report. PDF file.

The results of the survey, analysis, and commentary.


Traumatic Injuries, Crude Data Supplement. PDF file.

The unanalyzed crude data. Cyclo-Vet members who wish to correct or add to their responses, may do so by mailing .


Traumatic Injuries, Appendix D, Professional Rider Deaths. PDF file

A comprehensive listing of professional riders who have died racing as well as recent deaths in training.


Traumatic Injuries, Questionnaire. PDF file

The questionnaire instrument used in the survey.

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