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Nutrition for Sports Basics

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This article is adapted from the book Bicycling Medicine.
Information in this article is also available in the slide show Nutrition.


Nutrition for Sports Basics (Introduction)

Consider for a moment a typical American workday: You work three hours in the morning, have a 15-minute coffee break, take 30 to 60 minutes for lunch, and work for four hours in the afternoon, with another 15-minute break. You consume 700 calories for breakfast and 1,500 calories during lunch and work breaks. You drink many glasses of water, coffee, or other fluids.

Doesn't it make sense that when you are exercising, you need even more calories and water? Of course! -Yet so many of us train or race until we drop without drinking enough and fueling our bodies.

The priorities for nutrition during long walks, runs, rides, or triathlons are water, calories, and sodium.

For events under an hour, no special nutrition may be needed. For most events over an hour, concern yourself mainly with fluids and calories. For long-distance events over most of a day or longer, sodium should also be considered.

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