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Goal Setting

Sport Psychology Series Articles: Affirmations ] Anti-Anxiety Training ] Arousal ] Breaking Bad Habits ] Confidence ] Cycling Psychology Profile Quiz ] Dealing With Bad Results ] Exercise-Related Personality Changes ] Focus & Breathing ] [ Goal Setting ] Motivation ] Pain Management in Training ] Sports Psychology Intro ] Stress Questionnaire ]

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Goal Setting (Introduction)

Goal setting is one of the most important specific steps you can take in improving athletic performance. Without goals you are on an uncharted sea, floating without direction. The more specific your goals, the easier it is to map your way and reach your potential.

Benefits of Goal Setting

Why set goals? Here are some of the many benefits. Goal setting:

●   Clarifies expectations

●   Improves the quality of training

●   Makes training more challenging

●   Relieves boredom

●   Reduces anxiety

●   Reduces indecision

●   Increases and sustains motivation

●   Increases pride and satisfaction

●   Improves focus

●   Improves perspective

●   Builds confidence

●   Encourages persistence

●   Improves performance