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Death Ride--Tour of the California Alps

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The "Just-Made-It" Schedule eArticle. PDF. Free

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The Tour of the California Alps--Markleeville Death Ride is one of the most popular ACE™ (Altitude-Climbing-Endurance) events.

The published cut-off times of the organizers are based on road closures and openings; not on completing five passes.

Here is the "Just-Made-It" pacing schedule. The real deadlines for those who pace and will just manage to finish the 129 miles and 16,000 feet of climbing.


The schedule also contain a nutritional schedule (fluids and calories) based on event rest stops.


For more information about training for the Tour of the California Alps--Markleeville Death Ride:

1. See the eBook  Altitude-Climbing-Endurance (ACE™) for Cyclists.

2. Come to a Near Death Experience training camp.

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