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Bike Fits

●   General fits

●   Referral fits

●   Comprehensive fits

●   Out-of-town remote-internet fits


Arnie provides general bike fits ($200) and referral or comprehensive bike fits for those with biomechanical, overuse, or medical problems ($275) at his San Diego office.

For those out of town, Arnie also provides remote-internet bike fits. While not as accurate as in-person fits, for those out of town with limited access to skilled fitters, the trade-offs may be worth it, saving the expense of travel to San Diego.

You'll need to take photographs and videos from the front, side, and back while pedaling on a stationary trainer. Video images about 10 seconds in length are generally enough; 60 to 120 frames per second are preferred over 30 or 24 fps, but 30 fps is okay. You can send files up to 25MB with Gmail; larger files can be uploaded to Picassa or a file sharing cloud account.

Referral and comprehensive fits may include biometric measurements as well as videos and written recommendations.

Many of the fits Arnie provides are refits from bike stores, other coaches, or other fitters who have been unable to resolve fit issues.

General fits generally take 40 to 60 minutes.

Referral or comprehensive fits generally take 60 to 90 minutes.

Both general, referral, and comprehensive fits include Arnie's eBook Bike Fit.

Download and complete a Bike Fit Questionnaire before your appointment. Bring your bike(s), cycling clothes, and cycling shoes to your fitting.

Arnie also provides specialty time trial bicycle fits (1) as above, (2) at the San Diego Low-Speed Wind Tunnel, and (3) Tuesday mornings at Fiesta Island.

Arnie is generally happy to provide "eyeball" fits on his usual bicycle rides, at no charge.

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