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Electronic Book Title


All ABC eBooks
8 bicycling eBooks.
Compiled Jan 2009


ACE eBook
Altitude-Climbing-Endurance for Cyclists
eBook. 9th Edition, May 2008

$18.95 (ABC ed.)
$18.99 (Death Ride ed.)

Bike Fit eBook
eBook. 4th Edition. Mar 2009


HIT eBook
High-Intensity Training for Cyclists
eBook. 15th Edition. 2013
Includes Training Logs 2013.


Nutrition for Sports eBook
eBook. 4th Edition. Jan 2013


Psychling Psychology eBook
Mind Training for Cyclists
eBook. 5th Edition. Feb 2004


Running Injuries eBook
Prevention & Treatment
eBook, 2nd Edition. Jun 2002


Skills Training  eBook
eBook, 3rd Edition. May 2005


Smart Coaching eBook
eBook. 2nd Edition. May 2005.


Strategy Tactics eBook
eBook. 6th Edition. Feb 2013


The Wiki Defense eBook
eBook. 2nd Edition. Jun 2008


Trade Book Title


Bicycling Medicine

Simon & Schuster, 1998


Medicina del Ciclismo

Paidotribo, 2002


The Essential Cyclist

The Lyons Press, 1998


Essentials of Bicycle Training and Racing

The United States Cycling Federation (USCF)


Smart Cycling

Simon & Schuster, 1997


Co-Author/Contributor Book Title


Oxford Textbook of Injury in Sport

Oxford Medical Publications, In Preparation


Positively False

Simon Spotlight Entertainment, 2007


Principles and Practice of Primary Care Sports Medicine

William's and Wilkins, 2001


Road Cycling

International Olympic Committee, 2000


6 Steps to Winning Time Trials

Conditioning Press, 1997


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