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6 Steps to Winning Time Trials

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Order 6 Steps to Winning Time Trials
Performance Conditioning for Cycling


Six coaches, including Arnie, each contribute a short chapter about an aspect of time trialing.

The ABC Time Trial slide show and ABC Time Trial article are other items of interest to time trialists.


6 Steps to Winning Time Trials (for Beginning and Sport Levels)

Arnie Baker M.D., Ed Burke Ph.D., Joe Friel, Vern Gambetta, Mike Neiderpreum, and Christopher Stammer

6 Steps to Winning Time Trials Book Cover

List Price: $5.95

Paperback - 36 pages 43 charts, tables and illustrations (1997)

Performance Conditioning; CY 114; Dimensions (in inches): 0.1 x 8.5 x 5.5

Learn the 6 Winning Steps:

1. Performance Tactics and Strategies.

     Learn secrets of using the course, thinking ahead, critical moments in the race and more.

2. Bike and Rider Fit. Learn how to get your bike in shape and what medical considerations you need to know.

3. Off-Bike Strength and Power Endurance Program.

     Learn how to do exercises that will build your base before you start bike training.

4. On-Bike Program. A complete, 8-week, step-by-step program to get you ready.

5. Nutrition planning.

     Learn what to eat during training, the week of and day of a race. Supplements also considered.

6. Mental Conditioning. Getting your mind right for the big day.

Bonus features:

●   Eight-week programs both on- and off-bike.

●   How to index of illustrated exercises, making sure you do it right.

●   Training log to record your progress.


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