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Altitude Climbing Endurance (ACE™) Training for Cyclists

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Table of Contents     Forward     Excerpt: 10-ACE™-Ride Commandments     Excerpt: Small Gears     Excerpt: Death Ride: The Just-Made-It Schedule




“After 16 years of “serious” riding, 4 Near Death Experience Training camps, and 12 years of Death Ride volunteering/organizing I finally earned my first 5 pass pin. Thanks Arnie, your coaching and a little training worked; amazingly enough!”


Jackie Johnson

Alta Alpina Cycling Club

Death Ride Sponsorship Coordinator

“Dear Dr. Baker,

 I finished the Death Ride a couple of weeks ago and I have to thank you. I read your "ACE" book at least 10 times; the last time being on the plane on the way out to the ride. You are a good writer and an excellent teacher/coach.

I loved doing this ride and am disgustingly proud for having finished it.

The money I paid for your book was a very cheap price for the wisdom contained in its pages.”


Terry Vance

 “Dear Dr. Baker,

 I just finished the Death Ride (5 passes) and want to thank you for the help you provided in your ACE training book. I used your book a lot both during training and also in the strategy for the event itself. It was a marvelous help in all respects. I'm 51 and this is the hardest single day event I've done. But I was well prepared enough so that I enjoyed most of the ride, was relaxed, and had a good time. Once again, thanks.”


Steve Lombardi

Training for the Everest Challenge (EC) race (

I … found your ACE Book to be … the single most useful piece of training information that I have ever read. What made the book so useful was that it was written in a manner that both 'novice' and 'expert' alike would benefit from.


Julien Nordstrand




Altitude Climbing Endurance (ACE™) Training for Cyclists reviews the principles of bicycle training, and specifically discusses training for ACE™ events--which are defined as one-day rides or races of more than 100 miles with more than 10,000 feet of cumulative climbing.  Arnie has not forgotten to list practical workouts as well.

Learn about:

●   Bicycling fitness, workouts, aerobic and anaerobic training

●   Improving your climbing endurance and your climbing speed

●   Climbing and descending skills

●   The effects of altitude

●   The importance of pacing

●   Endurance sport nutrition

●   The equipment you'll need for ACE™ events

●   Motivation theory and strategies that help you keep focused


Altitude-Climbing-Endurance Training for Cyclists. 9th Edition.

by Arnie Baker, MD



Price: $18.95

eBook - (127 pages. 2008. 9th edition.). This is an electronic book. There are no shipping or handling costs.

Dimensions (in inches): Formatted to print two 8.5 x 5.5 columns on standard 8.50 x 11.00 paper. Will print on 127 pages.

Argo publishing; ISBN: 0964060167 ;


This eBook is in PDF format.

A unique-use automated download code will be sent to you immediately with your electronic order.


Table of Contents



Part 5: Equipment


Part 6: Medical Problems


   Saddle Soreness

10 ACE™-Ride Commandments

   Bicycle Seat Discomfort

Part 1: Training Basics

   Genital Numbness

   Riding Requirements

   Neck Pain

   Fitness Elements

   Low Back Pain

   Non-Fitness Riding Recipe

   Ulnar Neuropathy

   Training Principles


   Training Hints

   Achilles Tendonitis & Bursitis

   The Training Curve

   Forefoot Problems

  Bicycle Workout Variables

   Muscle Cramps

   Aerobic Training

   Eye Problems

   Interval Training

Part 7: Training Schedules

   Isolated Leg Training


   Heart-Rate-Based Training

   Your Weekly Training Schedule

   Power-Based Training

   6 Weeks to Go DR Schedule

Part 2: Climbing

   18-Week ACE™ Program

   Percent Grade

   Tapering for Events

   Keep a Climbing Log


   Climbing Volume

Final Words: Rider Prep,

   Climbing Intensity


   Stationary Trainer Climbing

Appendix A: Training Log

   Climbing & Descending Tips

Appendix B: Rear Derailleur Capacities

   Six Climbing Positions

Appendix C: Markleeville Secrets

   Climbing Workouts

Appendix D: Death Ride Deadlines

   Dealing with High Altitude

Appendix E: Famous Climbs

Part 3; Mind Matters

Appendix F: Training Glossary


Appendix G: ABC Publications

  Focus & Breathing




Part 4: Endurance Sport Nutrition


   Consume More

   Nutrition Losses


   Examples of Meals and Foods


   Maltodextrin Nutrition

   Event Nutrition Summary  

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