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Altitude Climbing Endurance (ACE™) Training for Cyclists

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10 ACE™-Ride Commandments

  1. Train properly. In the six weeks before the event, ride three days of at least 60% of target-event climbing. Ride three weeks in which your total climbing is at least 150% of target-event-day climbing. At times during your training, work on climbing rate with interval work.

  2. Clarify your motivation and goals before you arrive—so that when you finish four passes you can answer the question: “Do I really need to climb that fifth pass?”

  3. Have your bike working perfectly two weeks before the event. Don’t make last minute changes.

  4. Emphasize carbohydrates three days before the event. On long training and event days, eat > 1,000 calories for breakfast and average > 300 calories per hour while riding.

  5. Add salt and eat salty foods the day before and during the event in proportion to ride-day heat.

  6. While riding, drink one to three waterbottles per hour depending upon the heat.

  7. Pace yourself. Keep heart rate < 75% of max. If you don’t use a heart rate monitor, this means you should be able to talk easily in sentences.

  8. Keep average climbing cadence > 70 rpm.

  9. On event day, climb > 1,600 to 2,000 feet per hour depending upon the distance, climbing, and cut-offs.

  10. Think safety in your equipment and riding style.

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