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ACE™: Altitude-Climbing-Endurance for Cyclists
     $18.95 if purchased separately
     eBook. 9th Edition
     Published by Argo Publishing, May 2008

Bike Fit
     $19.95 if purchased separately
     eBook. Published by Argo Publishing, Mar 2009

HIT™: High-Intensity Training for Cyclists
     $26.95 if purchased separately
     eBook. 15th Edition
     Published by Argo Publishing, January 2013

Nutrition for Sports
     $19.95 if purchased separately
     eBook. 4th Edition
     Published by Argo Publishing, July 2013

Psychling Psychology (Mind Training for Cyclists)
     $12.95 if purchased separately
     eBook. 5th Edition
     Published by Argo Publishing, February 2004

Skills Training for Cyclists
     $12.95 if purchased separately
     Published by Argo Publishing, August 2002

Smart Coaching
     $12.95 if purchased separately
     Published by Argo Publishing, March 2002
Strategy & Tactics for Cyclists

     $19.95 if purchased separately
     eBook. 6th Edition
     Published by Argo Publishing, February 2013


Altitude-Climbing-Endurance Training for Cyclists

by Arnie Baker, MD

Altitude Climbing Endurance (ACE™) Training for Cyclists reviews the principles of bicycle training, and specifically discusses training for ACE™ events--which are defined as rides or races of more than 100 miles with more than 10,000 feet of cumulative climbing.  Arnie has not forgotten to list practical workouts as well.

Learn about:

●   Bicycling fitness, workouts, aerobic and anaerobic training

●   Improving your climbing endurance and your climbing speed

●   Climbing and descending skills

●   The effects of altitude

●   The importance of pacing

●   Endurance sport nutrition

●   The equipment you'll need for ACE™ events

●   Motivation theory and strategies that help you keep focused


Click this link for more information or to order separately


Bike Fit
Cycling Nutrition, Physiology, and Injury Prevention and Treatment

by Arnie Baker, MD

This book is about general bicycle fit for road and mountain bike riding.

It also covers fit specifics for recreational, climbing, sprinting, time trialing, and cross-country mountain biking.

The right size bicycle frame and components, and their adjustment, is important. Proper fit allows you to be comfortable, ride safely, and work effectively. It reduces or treats overuse injuries. Proper fit makes you a better rider.


Bike Fit Rules-of-Thumb Summary

These and other bicycle fit elements are discussed in detail throughout this book.

There are numerous exceptions to almost all rules of thumb.


●   Frame Size

     Road: 2/3 inseam.

     Mountain: subtract 14 from inseam in inches.

●   Cranks

     Inseam to 31 inches: 170 mm.

     Inseam 31 to 33 inches: 172.5 mm.

     Inseam 33 or more inches: 175 mm.

●   Foot-Pedal Fore-Aft

     Ball of foot over pedal spindle.

●   Saddle Shape and Angle

     Choose shape for comfort.

     Set level.

●   Seat Height

     Bend knee 30° at bottom of pedal stroke.

●   Seat Position Fore-Aft

     Front of knee and pedal spindle in vertical line.

●   Foot/Pedal Rotation Angle

     Point toes the way you walk.

●   Handlebar Width

     Road: width of the shoulders.

     Mountain: hands slightly wider than shoulders.

●   Handlebar Shape

     Select for comfort and riding style.

●   Brake Levers

     Tips in line with handlebar drops.

●   Handlebar Angle

     Point ends to middle of seatstays.

●   Stem Height

     Handlebar tops to fist width below saddle.

●   Torso Angle / Reach

     Stem extension, height, and rise set comfortable torso angle.

●   Shoulder Angle

     90° with hands on hoods and elbows bent 15°.


Click this link for more information or to order


High-Intensity Training for Cyclists

by Arnie Baker, MD



Break down the elements of cycling fitness. Decide how to separate out and train each element. Decide in what order to train each fitness element.  Figure out which exercises give the most benefit with the least suffering. Find out which exercises are easy to do right and hard to do wrong.  That's what HIT™ is all about.

In the first section, chapters discuss measuring training intensity, overtraining, and recovery. Heart-rate, power-based, and torque-based training are discussed in detail. Evaluating training stress using these are other measures is discussed in detail.

The second section of the book explores the theoretical basis of interval training, as well as the practicalities of program design.

The third part of the book gives practical hints and guidelines for interval training.

The fourth part of the book is the standard 3-month progressive systems high-intensity training program.

The fifth part of the book is a rapid 5 to 9 week peaking high-intensity program.

Training and fitness standards for excellence for men and women as well as for masters age groups by 10-year increments are listed in appendix A.

Finally, there is a quiz to see how well you have learned the material!


Click this link for more information or to order separately


Nutrition for Sports

by Arnie Baker, MD


Nutrition for Sport is a comprehensive review of sports nutrition with an eye to the aerobic endurance athlete. Cyclist, runners, triathletes, walker will appreciate the down-to-earth practical advice, the debunking of advertising, as well as the detailed explanations and comprehensive reference material provided about every vitamin and mineral.

Learn about:

●   Sport foods--before, during, and after exercise

●   Foods for energy

●   Performance-enhancing and performance-robbing substances

●   Quick, nutritious fast-food

●   Nutritional quackery

●   Losing weight

●   Who, what, where, and how: About every vitamin and mineral


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Psychling Psychology

Mind Training for Cyclists

by Arnie Baker, MD


Psychling Psychology (Mind Training for Cyclists), reviews the principles of sport psychology.  Psychological training, along with physical and skills training, has an important role to play in improving athletic performance.

Learn about:

●   Goal setting

●   Motivation

●   Confidence

●   Arousal

●   Focus

●   Affirmations & Imagery

●   Pain Management


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Road and Mountain-Bike

Skills Training for Cyclists

by Arnie Baker, MD


Athletic skills are an important part of successful and lifetime enjoyment of sport.

Fitness is paramount with most athletes and coaches—many of whom do not realize the importance of skills.

Too often, most people acquire skills merely through hit-or-miss riding. Skills training speeds and refines the process.

Skill Training for Cyclists shows you how to hit and not miss!

Learn about:

●   Skills acquisition

●   Balance

●   Focus

●   Specific skills: general, climbing & descending., proximity, racer

●   Road and mountain bike

Click this link for more information or to order separately


Smart Coaching

by Arnie Baker, MD

Smart Coaching Book Cover

Smart Coaching is directed to new and experienced aerobic-endurance sport coaches. Coaches in non-aerobic and non-endurance sports will find much of interest to them as well.

Arnie has used much of the material in the book to help train nearly 1,000 coaches in the sports of cycling, running, triathlon, and walking.

Learn about:

●   Roles of coaches

●   Coaching responsibilities

●   Communication skills

●   Hints for giving talks

●   Coaching style

●   Motivation and confidence in athletes

●   Nutrition

●   Safety and risk management

●   Training principles

●   Fitness systems

●   Strength and flexibility training

●   Coaching beginners, older athletes, and athletes with disabilities

●   Workouts


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Strategy & Tactics For Road Cyclists

by Arnie Baker, MD

"There are three kinds of riders at the end of a race.

Those who say: What happened.

Those who let it happen

And those who made it happen."


This book is not only for racers. Spectators will learn to better appreciate the sport.

It copiously illustrated. There are approximately 75 illustrations.

Learn about:

●   Using energy wisely

●   Making your rivals work harder

●   Tactical psychology

●   Attacking

●   Blocking

●   Gapping

●   Breakaways

●   Primes and finishing strategies

●   Teamwork

●   Road, criterium, stage, and time trial strategy and tactics


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