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Bike Fit

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Bike Fit eBook. 4.5th Edition.


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127 pages, 150+ figures and tables.

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Table of Contents, also below

Free Preview: The First 39 Pages


This book is about general bicycle fit for road bike riding.

It also covers fit specifics for recreational, climbing, sprinting, time trialing, and cross-country mountain biking.

I not only give you my recommendations, I tell you why--discussing conventional wisdom, empiricism, logic, and scientific study.

I offer information into the behind-the-scenes debates of other experts.

In each section, I put the important stuff first, then I provide details for those interested.

I also show that some traditional advice really has no basis, and that there are many options that may allow riders to ride more comfortably, with greater performance, or treat an overuse injury.


The rig
ht size bicycle frame and components, and their adjustment, is important. Proper fit allows you to be comfortable, ride safely, and work effectively. It reduces or treats overuse injuries. Proper fit makes you a better rider.


Bike Fit Rules-of-Thumb Summary

These and other bicycle fit elements are discussed in detail throughout this book.

There are numerous exceptions to almost all rules of thumb.


●   Frame Size

     Road: 2/3 inseam.

     Mountain: subtract 14 from inseam in inches.

●   Cranks

     Inseam to 31 inches: 170 mm.

     Inseam 31 to 33 inches: 172.5 mm.

     Inseam 33 or more inches: 175 mm.

●   Foot-Pedal Fore-Aft

     Ball of foot over pedal spindle.

●   Saddle Shape and Angle

     Choose shape for comfort.

     Set level.

●   Seat Height

     Bend knee 30 at bottom of pedal stroke.

●   Seat Position Fore-Aft

     Front of knee and pedal spindle in vertical line.

●   Foot/Pedal Rotation Angle

     Point toes the way you walk.

●   Handlebar Width

     Road: width of the shoulders.

     Mountain: hands slightly wider than shoulders.

●   Handlebar Shape

     Select for comfort and riding style.

●   Brake Levers

     Tips in line with handlebar drops.

●   Handlebar Angle

     Point ends to middle of seatstays.

●   Stem Height

     Handlebar tops to fist width below saddle.

●   Torso Angle / Reach

     Stem extension, height, and rise set comfortable torso angle.

●   Shoulder Angle

     90 with hands on hoods and elbows bent 15.


Bike Fit

by Arnie Baker, MD


Price: $19.95

eBook - 127 pages (2010)
, 150+ Illustrations.
This is an electronic book. There are no shipping or handling costs.

Argo publishing ; Dimensions (in inches): 8.50 x 11.00

This eBook is in PDF format.

A unique-use automated download code will be sent to you immediately with your electronic order. 


Table of Contents





How Important is Bike Fit?

How I Know--The Basis for Advice


Part 1: Frames


  Top Tube Length

  Seat-Tube Angle

  Crankarm Length

  Custom Bikes


Part 2: Bike Positioning


  Foot/Pedal Fore-Aft

  Saddle Shape and Angle

  Seat Height

  Seat Position Fore-Aft

  Foot/Pedal Rotation Angle

  Foot/Pedal Side-to-Side


  Brake Levers

  Handlebar Angle

  Stem Height

  Torso Angle / Reach

  Shoulder Angle


  Style Differences Summary


Part 3: Specialty Riding

  Time Trialing



  Tandem Riding

  Mountain Biking

  Specialty Differences Summary


Figured Your Bike Position?


Part 4: Anatomical Considerations

  Leg-Length Discrepancy

  Arm Length Discrepancy

Part 5: Knee Alignment

Part 6: Wedges, Shims, Spacers, &  Orthotics

Part 7: Pedal Biomechanics

Part 8: Handling & Overlap Problems

Part 9: Aches & Pains

Part 10: Arnie's Differences

Part 11: Almost Final Words


Anatomy Glossary

UCI Bike/Fit Rules


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