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Nutrition for Sports

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Nutrition for Sports eBook. 4th Edition. $19.95.

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Table of Contents & Forward

Free Preview: The First 20 Pages

Excerpt: Sweat Mineral Losses

Nutrition for Sports is a comprehensive review of sports nutrition with an eye to the aerobic-endurance athlete. Cyclists, runners, triathletes, and walkers will appreciate the down-to-earth practical advice, the debunking of advertising, as well as the detailed explanations and comprehensive reference material provided about every vitamin and mineral.

Learn about:

●   Sport foods--before, during, and after exercise.

●   Foods for energy.

●   Performance-enhancing and performance-robbing substances.

●   Quick, nutritious fast food.

●   Nutritional quackery.

●   Losing weight.

●   How rapid weight changes don't reflect fat losses.

●   Who, what, where, and how: About every vitamin and mineral.

Did you know?

●   Few athletes drink more than 16 ounces an hour; sweat losses can exceed 100 ounces an hour.

●   Just like the glycogen window, there is a fat window.

●   Although sodium is the electrolyte priority for aerobic endurance athlete,
       calcium and iron loss in sweat can contribute to deficiency.

●   Many supplements marketed to improve muscle mass are contaminated with anabolic steroids.


Nutrition for Sports. 4th Edition.

by Arnie Baker, MD


Price: $19.95

eBook - (421 pages. 2013. 4th edition).
This is an electronic book. There are no shipping or handling costs.

Published in two volumes: Essentials and Supplement.

Dimensions (in inches): Formatted to print two 8.5 x 5.5 columns on standard 8.50 x 11.00 paper.

Will print on 421 pages.

Argo publishing; ISBN: 0964060167

This eBook is in PDF format.

A unique-use automated download code will be sent to you immediately with your electronic order.


Table of Contents & Forward


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