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Prevention & Treatment

Running Injuries

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Running Injuries eBook. $9.95.

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Running Injuries (Prevention & Treatment), reviews the principles of running training and the prevention of overuse injuries, including a discussion about shock and terrain exacerbants, biomechanics, and shoe and inert (orthotic) selection.  The general treatment of overuse injuries, and well as the specifics of treatment and training modification for most injuries is detailed. Standard and alternative approaches to rehabilitation are discussed.

Learn about:

●   Causes of running injuries

●   Grading and general treatment of overuse injuries

●   Specific overuse injuries

●   Rehabilitation of injuries

●   Other treatment options


Psychling Psychology

by Arnie Baker, MD


Price: $9.95

eBook - 40 pages (2002). This is an electronic book. There are no shipping or handling costs.

Argo publishing; ISBN: 0964060132 ; Dimensions (in inches): 8.50 x 11.00

This eBook is in PDF format.

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