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Road and Mountain-Bike

Skills Training for Cyclists

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Skills Training eBook. $12.95.

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Table of Contents below


Athletic skills are an important part of successful and lifetime enjoyment of sport.

Fitness is paramount with most athletes and coaches—many of whom do not realize the importance of skills.

Too often, most people acquire skills merely through hit-or-miss riding. Skills training speeds and refines the process.

Skill Training for Cyclists
shows you how to hit and not miss!

Learn about:

●   Skills acquisition

●   Balance

●   Focus

●   Specific skills: general, climbing & descending., proximity, racer

●   Road and mountain bike


Purchase of the book includes the articles How to Fix a Flat Tire, Isolated Leg Training, and Six Climbing Positions, Road Cycling --which come as part of a zip file.

Skills Training for Cyclists

by Arnie Baker, MD


Price: $12.95

eBook - 58 pages (2005). This is an electronic book. There are no shipping or handling costs.

Argo publishing; ISBN: 0964060116 ; Dimensions (in inches): 8.50 x 11.00

This eBook is in PDF format.

A unique-use automated download code will be sent to you immediately with your electronic order. 


Table of Contents

Skills Training Principles

Why Skills Training?

Skills Acquisition



Skills Failure

Types of Bicycling Skills

General Skills

  1. Mounting the Bicycle

  2. Dismounting the Bicycle

  3. Riding One-Handed

  4. Riding Straight

  5. Looking Back While Riding

  6. Signaling to Motorists & Cyclists

  7. Control of Speed

  8. Emergency Braking

  9. Shifting

  10. Chain Tricks

  11. Obstacles

  12. Bunny Hopping Obstacles

  13. Dogs

  14. Group Riding Principles

  15. Pacelines

  16. Echelons

  17. Cornering

  18. Fixing a Flat Tire

  19. Tire Sweeping

  20. Removing a Rear Wheel

Climbing & Descending

  21. General & Road Climbing

  22. Off-Road Climbing

  23. Starting on a Climb

  24. General & Road Descending

  25. Off-Road Descending

Proximity Skills

  26. Holding On

  27. Pushing a Rider Uphill

  28. Bumping

  29. Touching Wheels

  30. Tuck and Roll in a Crash

Racer Skills

  31. Water Bottle Pick Up

  32. One-Legged Riding

  33. Sprinting

  33. Sprinting

  34. Attacking

  35. Held Starts

  36. Time Trial Turn-Arounds

  37 Track Stands

  38. Riding No Hands

  39. Urinating While Riding

Sample 6-Day Skills Program


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