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Coach Associates

I work closely with several coach associates. These associates follow many of the same coaching practices that I do, and may be more appropriate for your needs.




Gero McGuffin    


Gero been working closely with Arnie for years, helping with his books and coaching.

She helps frequently at ABC coaching camps and seminars.

Gero's particular interests are working with beginning riders who need special attention and working with riders training for one-day endurance-climbing events. 

Gero has been riding recreationally for more than 15 years, averaging more than 10,000 miles each year. She has competed in the Death Valley -- Mt. Whitney race many times and has completed the Markleeville Death Ride.





Mike Wilson    


"I became a coach for one simple reason. To pay forward the kindness that other coaches and professionals have shown me in guiding my endurance racing goals. If you're looking for guidance, I'm committed to your progression."

I became an ultra cycling coach (USCF certified) as a way to pay back the kindness so many coaches have paid me in my quest. Becoming an ultra cyclist is not easy; it requires relentless practice and competition, a keen training plan, a pragmatic approach to equipment and the science behind human endurance. I could never find one true source for all these items in my racing career and quite frankly, I hope that my trial and error, plus successes, can form the basis of helping others circumvent mistakes and reach their goals in a disciplined and rewarding program. This is why I have become a coach and the reasons behind the Principles of Coaching that I practice.

You can contact Mike at .




Marko Baloh    


Marko raced for Slovenian National Team in the 1990s, participating in 3 World Championships 1991, 1993 & 1994 (the best placing 8th in the 100km Team Time Trial in Sicily 1994) and won the National Championships 5 times from 1991 to 1997 (TT, TTT twice, Team Pursuit 4km and Solo Pursuit 4km).

Marko switched to ultra-cycling in 2000 and has participated in 7 RAAMs (Race Across AMerica), finishing 3rd twice as a soloist and winning the 2-person Team division.

Other races that he has won in the last 13 years include: Furnace Creek 508, Race across Oregon, Race around Slovenia, Race around Switzerland = Tortour, 24h Solo World Championships, many 24h races in Europe (Silberreiher Trophy, Kainachtal Trophy, Kraftwerk Trophy, Schotz Race).

He has set multiple World Records, from 100 miles, 200 miles, 12h, 24h and 1.000km TT. The one he is most proud of is the Indoor Track 24h World Record that he set in October 2010 with 903.75km & average speed 37.66km/h.

Marko has been his own coach through his ultra-cycling career and has helped cyclists reach their goal in ultra races such as the Race around Slovenia and 12h/24h races. Marko's valuable experience in ultra-cycling makes him a perfect coach for the newcomers to the ultra-cycling as well as to the cyclists that want to take a step forward towards tackling the hardest race of them all – Race Across AMerica (RAAM).

He is still one of the top Slovenian Masters Time Trialists and is keen to help anyone wanting to improve his/her Time Trialing ability.

You can contact Marko at .




Janel Holcomb    


A fifth-year pro and US National Team member, Janel is the 2011 NRC (National Race Calendar) champion.

Janel started out as a Team in Training rider just half a dozen years ago. She's raced locally, nationally, and internationally.

Janel is particularly interested in helping road bikers who can ride in San Diego County.

Contact Janel directly at .




Jimena Florit    


Jimena is one of the top cross-county mountain bikers in the world. In 2002 she won 4 out of the 5 NORBA Nationals.

Jimena is particularly interested in helping mountain bikers who can ride in San Diego County.




Julie Kaplan    


Julie is one of the top American masters time trialists. She holds several US National Championships and Records.

She coaches men and women, including juniors; and at all ability levels.

She specializes in time trial clinics.




Perry Crutchfield


Cycle coach Perry Crutchfield has completed over 40 cycling century+ events.

His specialty is ultra endurance climbing events, where he has completed Tour of the California Alps, Triple Bypass and Ride around the Bear just to name a few.

As a coach, he is a student of Dr. Arnie Baker's training techniques and philosophies and has assisted Dr. Baker in high altitude training camps.

Perry has helped hundreds of riders complete their first and subsequent century rides and especially enjoys giving cyclists of all levels the tools and techniques to reach their potential.

He has been a cycling coach since 2000 and has been involved in over a dozen Team in Training programs.




Vince Fichera    


Vince coaches beginning to pro racers; young adults to masters. His pro riders, some international, have won several National Championships. He has worked with riders from several US professional teams, including Jittery Joes and Health Net.

Vince's affable style has allowed him to build a wide cycling resource network.




Cody Waite    


Cody Waite has been involved in endurance sport competition for over 15 years. Over those years he has raced mountain bikes, road bikes, running, and triathlon at every level from beginning amateur level to professional with such teams as Schwinn Homegrown, SoBe/Headshok, and Prime Alliance.

Cody studied nutrition while attending college in Arizona before moving to Colorado in 1998 and obtaining a USA Cycling Coaching Certification in 2002.

From 1998 to 2003 Cody was coached and educated in endurance sport training by Dr. Arnie Baker of San Diego. The many winters spent training in San Diego with Dr. Baker, considered by many as the premier authority on all aspects of endurance sport training and racing, formed the foundation and principles of Cody’s coaching.

In 2004 Cody formed Endurance Performance Outfitters as resource for training and coaching for Front Range endurance athletes and continued his coaching education by obtaining a USA Triathlon Coaching Certification.

Currently he is attending school working towards an undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine and graduate degree in Physical Therapy. 

Cody is always excited to share his experiences in endurance sport competition and valuable knowledge from his years of hands on study in the field. 



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