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I provide information on bicycling and bicycling-related subjects through publications, camps, and consultation.

I have received sponsor-provided bicycling products for my personal use, often in return for feedback about their performance. Past sponsors are listed below.

I do not provide paid endorsements or sell bicycling equipment or products (apart from publications).

I do not work for commissions and never provide bicycle-expert litigation services based on contingency fees.


Paid Consultancies, Coaching, or Authorship

●   Kirkwood Mountain Resort

●   PacTour

●   The International Olympic Committee

●   The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

●   The United States Cycling Federation


 Project Testing

●   Colorado Altitude Training

●   Frank Schnitzenbaumer

●   Lightening Dynamics

●   Mavic

●   NADS

●   Ralph Ray Engineering

●   Ultimate Machine


Sponsor Collaborations

●   Adams Avenue Bicycles

●   Bell Sports

●   Bike USA

●   Bill Holland Bicycles

●   Bike Friday

●   Boone Technologies

●   Cannondale

●   Chris King

●   CompuTrainer

●   Continental

●   CycleOps

●   LeMond Fitness

●   Lew Composites

●   Mavic USA

●   Pantour

●   Polar Electro Oy

●   PowerFoods

●   PowerTap (Tune, Saris)

●   PR Bar

●   Ralph Ray Engineering

●   Scott USA

●   Specialized

●   Speedplay

●   Tailwings

●   Trek Bicycle Superstores San Diego

●   VeloMax

●   Vision Tech

●   XLM

●   Xtrem

●   Zipp


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