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Bicycling Expert Legal Services

Dr. Baker provides bicycle expert
services in legal matters.

Arnie has served as a designated
bicycling expert in roughly
40 legal cases, and has informally
assisted in many dozens more.

He has assisted both plaintiff and
defense attorneys roughly equally.




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Dr. Baker has expertise in bicycle safety, training, racing, sport psychology, biomechanics, physiology, maintenance, and coaching.

He has expertise in bicycling fit and bicycling medicine.


In addition to offering expert opinion, Dr. Baker is skilled in educating attorneys and juries.


Dr. Baker can assist counsel in preparing bicycling-specific questions for fact and expert witnesses.


In many cases, a government entity has been a defendant.

For example, Dr. Baker has assisted plaintiff or defense attorneys involving the City of Newport, CA;

     the City of Oakland, CA; the City of Orange, CA; the City of San Diego, CA;

     the City of San Marcos, CA; the City of Tucson, AZ; and Caltrans.


Most cases have involved the typical practices, actions, and reactions of cyclists.

Most cases have involved bicycle safety issues.


For example:

●   How should, do, or can cyclists react to a pothole or other road irregularity?

●   How should, do, or can cyclists safely ride in groups?

●   How should, do, or can cyclists descend a hill?

●   How should, do, or can cyclists interact with motorized vehicles?

●   How should, do, or can cyclists or bike shops maintain bicycles?


Case examples:

●   A cyclist swerves to avoid an opening car door, loses control of his bicycle, and falls.
I might opine about the typical reactions of beginning cyclists, or the defensive riding style
an experience cyclist should adopt.

●   A cyclist traveling downhill moves left to avoid a tree limb in the bike lane and loses control
in a 2 inch vertical crack at the asphalt/concrete junction. I might opine about the typical
reactions of riders of differing abilities when encountering such a hazard.

●   A cyclist traveling downhill on a major artery with a speed limit of 55 mph is riding at 40
miles an hour. He is hit by a truck that fails to stop at a controlled minor cross road.
I might opine about the typical speeds and stopping distances of riders of differing abilities
in such circumstances.

●   A cyclist drafting (following closely) another runs into him when the first rider experiences
a sudden failure and collapse of his carbon fiber fork.
I might opine about the relative safety of drafting for riders of different abilities and the
expected ability of bicycle equipment to withstand common riding stresses.

●   A cyclist is injured by a motorist. As part of damages, she claims Olympic-level fitness and
 loss of her dream to make the Olympic team. I might look at documented power-file training
records, which may or may not support this conclusion.


Dr. Baker is not a reconstruction expert, traffic safety engineer, or mechanical engineer—
although in bicycling cases these areas of expertise often overlap.

In many cases, a bicycling expert is the most effective expert.


Arnie has ridden between 350,000 to 600,000 miles on a bicycle.

He has roughly 25 years experience as a bicycling coach of riders of all levels--beginning
recreational riders to world-class professional racers.

He has led more than 5,000 group rides and training sessions.

A coaches' coach, he has taught and certified more than 1,000 cycling coaches. He presented
at the United States Cycling Federation inaugural Elite coaching certification in 1995.

He has owned and maintained more than 50 bicycles, building some from their individual components,
including the lacing and truing of wheels.

He has raced as a top-level amateur competitor on the road and on the track. He has extensive
tandem and touring experience. He has modest mountain biking experience.

He has been at the scene of more than 100 accidents, and has reviewed the circumstances of
at least an additional 100.

He has coached thousands of riders and bicycling coaches on bicycling safety.


Dr. Baker has authored more than a dozen cycling books and hundreds of articles.

He has published bicycle-safety material for riders and bicycling coaches.

He has a medical, mathematics, biological, and physical-sciences academic background.

He is an internationally published authority on bicycling medicine.

He has extensive teaching and public speaking experience.



Dr. Baker's expert witness resume.


See Arnie's cycling resume.


Statement regarding 2011 French legal case.


2017 Fee Schedule


"The cost may be high to employ the expert, but it may well be higher not to employ one. Indeed,
counsel who chooses to proceed without an expert may be flirting with malpractice.
" Melvin Belli.


Dr. Baker generally is willing to listen to the non-confidential aspects of a case and discuss a case,
for up to 60 minutes, at no charge.*

Up to a day's work may be suggested to determine whether Dr. Baker is a good fit as an expert to
provide litigation services.

To encourage communication, most e-mail and telephone conversations are generally not billed.


Bicycle-Medical-Legal Expert Opinion


Case review, per hour


Deposition, per hour, two hour minimum*


Trial, arbitration, per half day*


Non-cognitive time (travel ptp, waiting), per hour



$5,000 to $10,000

Note: Read the Fine Print Below*



*Fine Print

Authorization to designate Arnie Baker as an expert is not granted until retainer has been paid.

Retainer is $5,000 unless more than 500 pages of documents are to be reviewed.

First $1,000 of retainer is not refundable.

Retainer is to be refreshed or augmented in anticipation of continued work or testimony within 2 weeks of request,
   or no work, travel, reports, or testimony may be provided.

Retainer and augmentation of retainer for incurred and probable expenses must be up to date at least 1 week before appearances.

Unused retainer funds will be refunded within 2 weeks.

After the case is settled, a no-charge debriefing between the retaining attorney and expert is appreciated.

Attorney, not attorney's client, is responsible for payment.

Retaining attorney will assume responsibility for deposition fees if not promptly paid by deposing attorney.

Actual travel or other expenses, additional. Travel and accommodations are business class as available,
   although expert may upgrade at his own expense. Meals may be billed at GSA/IRS rates without receipts.

Cancellation or rebooking fees are the responsibly of the attorney/client.
Late payments: 1-1/2% per month added for outstanding balances over 30 days.

Rebilling and additional statements are invoiceable up to $30 per statement.

Late payments may result in billing of discounted or uncharged services such as telephone conversations and
   administrative time which is otherwise generally not billed.
Late payments may result in loss of discount of discounted services.
Collection costs, including expert's time and consulting attorney's fees, to be paid by retaining attorney if outstanding balances unpaid within 30 days.

Where a venue is required to settle any disagreements between retaining attorney and expert, San Diego, CA is to be used. 

Budget estimates are made in good faith but not binding or guaranteed.

Fees may be increased 12 months after retention.

Deposition out of San Diego County is a three-hour minimum.

Cancellation, appearances in San Diego County, less than 1 week: 1 hour at case-review rate.

Cancellation, appearances in San Diego County, less than 72 hours: 2 hours at case-review rate.

Cancellation, appearances out of San Diego County, less than 2 weeks: 1 hour at deposition rate.

Cancellation, appearances out of San Diego County, less than 1 week: 2 hours at deposition rate.

Failure by retaining attorney to object to any of these terms, in writing, within 24 hours, constitutes implied consent.

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