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Orders & Problems

Delivery Times

For more than 95% of orders, the link to download your ordered ePublications--articles, books, articles, and slide shows--is transmitted to your e-mail address automatically within a few minutes.

Your order is also often manually sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours.

If you do not receive your order within 24 hours, please contact us at .


Bulk Orders

Our publications are for individual use only.

Please don't redistribute our electronic products without permission.

Discounts of up to 90% are offered for the rights to make multiple copies of an individual ePublication or to remail ePublications.

Payments made be made by check or PayPal. PayPal payments may be via PayPal or any credit card account.

Please e-mail  for exact quotes and payment instructions if you need help figuring anything out.

In general:


Rights to Copies

Discount on Copies

Above Previous Level

Example: HIT Book

1 copy 0% $26.95

2 copies


$26.95 + 90% x $26.95 = $51.21

3 to 5 copies


$51.21 + 25% off copies over 2

 6 to 15 copies


$111.84+ 40% off copies over 5

16 to 50 copies


$273.54+ 50% off copies over 15

51  to 100 copies


$745.17+ 60% off copies over 50

101 to 500 copies


$1,284.17+ 75% off copies over 100

501 or more copies


$3,979.17+ 90% off copies over 500


Didn't Receive an Automated Download Code?

We probably sent one, but your server or e-mail client probably blocked our transmission as unauthorized or possibly containing spam.

We've tried to accurately label our messages, and not use spam-provocative words. There are many security programs; we can't check them all to assure that our messages are spam-protection friendly.

If you have a "Junk E-mail" folder, check it. Your automated download code message may be there.

To change your server setting, sign on to your account with your server, and look for a security setting.

To change your setting with Internet Explorer, go to TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, SECURITY. If set to high, lower to medium.

If you have problems, just send us a note at   and tell us about your difficulty.


Problems with Partial File Downloads

Gmail accounts accept 25 megabytes and, in our experience, run the best.

Our server sometimes times out when scripts take more than 60 seconds to run.

Dial-up connections and files more than 10 megabytes--such an an order for several books--are the situations where almost all of our problems occur.

If you have problems, just send us a note at   and tell us about your difficulty.

Most commonly, we will send you the file, manually, attached to an e-mail, or create a webpage from which you can download your product. Usually we do this the same day. However, as we occasionally are out of town, please allow 48 hours.

If we haven't responded, it is usually because our response has been lost in your junk or spam folder, or that your server has prevented you from even receiving it. Please, after a day or two, just send us a gentle reminder/inquiry.


Bounced Messages

Gmail accounts accept 25 megabytes and, in our experience, run the best.

Other free email accounts bounce messages more often than paid accounts. Sometimes this is because the capacity of the account has been exceeded. Sometimes this occurs for no discernable reason.

We will try to resend download codes if messages bounce. If we received two bounced messages, we will send you an electronic notice that your purchase is undeliverable and request an alternative e-mail address.

Sometimes we're stuck: Your account won't accept our e-mails and we have no other way to contact you.


Misplaced/Deleted/Lost/Missing Files

Lose a traditional book, or spill coffee on it? If you want a new one, Barnes & Noble or will sell you another. Lose your ePublication on a crashed hard drive, forget to back up, and want another copy? It takes non-automated time to service your request. But we will help out. We'll send you a replacement, at half-price. We need the title of the publication, an order date, and a matching e-mail address to your past order. Include this information with your payment made by check or PayPal.

This process is non-automated. If we are out of town, it may take a few days.

Contact us at  with any questions.


Some suggestions before requesting us to resend an item:

1. Check the messages stored in your in-box. The file may still be there.

2. Search your e-mail program for files from our shipper,

3. Use the search function of your computer to search for files containing the text string ABC. Almost all of our eProducts contain this string.

4. Use the search function of your computer to look for PDF files. Almost all of our eProducts are in this format.


Printed Versions

Our ePublications are not available from in print format.

Our PDF-formatted ePublications do allow printing.

You can print out your own copy. Some customers download their purchase to a disc, and print and bind their copy at Kinko’s or other similar store. It is also possible for you to electronically transmit your order to an electronic printer and have them deliver the product to you--often within 24 hours.

For more information click here.



Electronic publications are not returnable and purchases are not refundable.

If we mistakenly send you an electronic publication different from the one you ordered, we will send you the correct publication. E-mail .


Authorized Sellers

Only the following website is authorized to directly sell Arnie Baker Cycling ePublications.


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