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A comprehensive fee schedule is provided below.

I provide coaching, bicycle fits, bicycle-medical-legal expert opinion, technical product consultation, public speaking, and authoring services.

ABC electronic publications are available for bulk purchase. Discounts of up to 90% are offered for the rights to make multiple copies of an individual ePublication or to remail ePublications. Please see the orders page for details.

Payments made be made by check or PayPal. PayPal payments may be via PayPal or any credit card account.


Bike Fits


See the bike fit page.


Arnie provides general bike fits ($200) and bike fits for those with biomechanical, overuse, or medical problems ($275) at his San Diego office. General fits generally take 40 to 60 minutes. Comprehensive fits include biometric measurements as well as videos and written recommendations. Comprehensive fits generally take 60 to 90 minutes. Both general and comprehensive fits include his eBook Bike Fit.

Download and complete a Bike Fit Questionnaire before your appointment. Bring your bike(s), cycling clothes, and cycling shoes to your fitting.

Arnie provides time trial bicycle fits (1) as above, (2) at the San Diego Low-Speed Wind Tunnel, and (3) Tuesday mornings at Fiesta Island.

Arnie is generally happy to provide "eyeball" fits on his usual bicycle rides, at no charge.




See the coaching page.


Arnie answers episodic or intermittent questions via e-mail or telephone. $100 per consultation which includes same-subject follow-up queries received within two weeks.

Hourly consultation, at $240 per hour, is also available.

Arnie can also help with more extensive one-time consultations, such as setting up wind-tunnel testing.

Arnie generally conducts or participates in San Diego group rides several or more days a week. Visitors are usually welcome, and informal coaching advice is generally provided at no charge.


Bicycling Legal Expert


See the legal expert page.


Arnie provides bicycle expert services in legal matters.

Arnie has formally served as a bicycling expert in roughly 50 legal cases, and has informally assisted in dozens more. He has assisted both plaintiff and defense attorneys; has assisted attorneys both representing and defending cyclists.

Most cases have not gone to trial, although Arnie has appeared before the court on several occasions. Most cases have involved bicycle safety issues. A relatively recent case involved a cyclist who claimed Olympic-level fitness whose documented training records did not support that conclusion.


2013 Fee Schedule*


Bicycle Coaching



Annual plan, evaluation, training book


Comprehensive coaching, monthly


Standard coaching, monthly


Individual, per hour


Position fit, standard general; second bike

$200; $125

Position fit, comprehensive; second bike

$275; $125

Graded max power output, VO2 max est., max HR


E-mail, fitness QA’s



Training camps, per day


Bicycle-Medical-Legal Expert Opinion


Case review, per hour


Deposition, per hour, 2 hour minimum


Arbitration, trial, per half day


Cancellation, less than 72 hours, San Diego County

One hour


$4,000 to $10,000

Technical-Product Consultation




Per hour


Public Speaking, Presentations



General, per hour


501C-3s (Charities), per hour


Training camps, per day


Travel < 2 hours

General, per hour

$1,500 – $2,500

501C-3s (Charities), per hour

$750 – $1,250

Training camps, per day


Travel > 2 hours

General, per hour

$2,500 – $4,000

501C-3s (Charities), per hour

$1,250 – $2,000

Training camps, per day


eSlide Shows


Fixed, limited use


Each presentation


Modifiable, limited, non-commercial use


Each slide


Modifiable, unlimited or commercial use


Each slide


Authoring, Including Formatting


Retention of Copyright

Single use, per word, per page

$3, $300

Multiple use, per word, per page

$20, $1,500

Surrender of Copyright

Multiple use, per word, per page

$25, $3,000



Fixed, single use


Each article

$1.95 - $9.95

Fixed, multiple user, non-commercial use


Each article page

To $200

Modifiable, unlimited or commercial use


Each article page

To $2,000

Note: Read the Fine Print Below


*Fine Print

Rates not guaranteed. Please verify with Arnie Baker Cycling.
Authored electronic works (including books, articles, and slide shows), may expire after 5 years.
Actual travel or other expenses, additional.
Late payments: 1-1/2% per month added for outstanding balances over 30 days.
Rebilling and additional statements are invoiceable up to $30 per statement. Late payments may result in unbundling of discounted services. Late payments may result in loss of discount of discounted services.
50% booking/appearance deposit fees are not refundable.

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